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Our Academy has been in operation for more than 16 years, with Nuria being its teacher during all these years. In 2020, due to the situation we were in (COVID-19), Nuria Vidal together with Jorge decided to take over the management of the Nuritin Academy, and in December, they changed locations to be able to offer larger and more appropriate classrooms. to our students

Our professional team is made up of highly qualified and motivated people; All of them are experts in their respective fields of work and, due to their long experience in teaching, they are qualified to provide our students with complete and top-quality services.

Profesora titular en la academia de Nuritin

Nuria Vidal

Titular teacher

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Hello, I'm Nuria, a mathematician by profession.

Before starting my degree, I began to teach school reinforcement classes. My mother offered me this opportunity, since she, an Industrial Engineer, also did it, helping children and adolescents with difficulties in their studies to get the most out of it and improve their skills. academic results. Always, being autonomous, this is my maxim when it comes to teaching.

Later, once I finished my degree, they gave me the opportunity to work in an academy, La Academia, where I learned a lot and made myself known in this world.

Due to the pandemic, I had to take charge of everything and in the end I took the reins of the business and took charge. On this path, Jorge has accompanied me since then, unconditional support and my right hand, who is in charge of the primary school students; without him, the Nuritin Academy would not be possible.

After 16 years working with families and their children, as teachers, we have acquired knowledge and experiences to be able to help our students in their educational progress and development.

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